Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Blues

Rats! I've got the Blues! Or rather, the Blues got me, and my footy team. Geelong have won so many games over the last three years that I've grown unaccustomed to losing, forgetting that it is the lot in life of the football fan to deal with the disappointment of losing on a regular basis. Usually. Unless you're a StKilda fan this year. And don't be surprised if the Saints taste defeat for the first time this round.
But, I digress. It is no fun seeing your team lose. It is even less fun when you've flown all the way across the country for the privilege! I don't think Jetstar will be giving us our money back just because our team lost!
The Heir and I endured a cold and disappointing night at the MCG as Carlton were far too good and beat the Cats by 35 points. The night started brightly but that was the only time of any real comfort or joy. The heavy injury toll, added to by two tonight, is making the Cats vulnerable and the young replacement players are not up to the task of maintaining the winning form from the first half of the season.
Although Carlton lead at every change, the comeback wins of the last two weeks gave us hope that we could still win. We were wrong. There was no fairytale finish tonight, just the big bad wolf blowing the Cat's house down.
I've never liked Carlton!
In fact, the last time I watched a Carlton v Geelong game was at the MCG about 10 years ago and we lost that day too!
Predictably there was a message on my voice mail from Stu the Gardener singing the Carlton theme song not long after the game. Just what I needed to finish my day.

We caught a very full tram home to Coburg along Sydney Rd and consoled ourselves with the news that Australia had bowled out the poms for 103 in the 4th test.

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