Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24 Years and Counting

Almost a week since my last post, sorry if you missed me, hahaha!

A quick wrap of recent events in Holt Press land.

Today Mrs Holt Press and I marked our 24th wedding anniversary. It was a low key celebration, Mrs HP hasn't been too well of late and had no energy for partying, but we are going out for dinner tomorrow night.
Favourite Daughter turned 21 last week. It too was a low key event. We're not that good at marking the milestones sadly. We gave her a wave ski, something she has wanted and can take on her trip. She and Spike are both up in Perth at present now that her Komboi has passed it's roadworthy and had the canary removed.

Sport Boy played in the adult squash comp tonight for the first time and came home sweaty and tired, and happy. He goes on an overnight camp tomorrow so we'll have the house to ourselves.

I drove charter buses for 5 days from Wed to Sun; I picked up a group of gynacologists from Perth on Wed, drove them around the SW the next few days before delivering  them to the airport at the end of their conference yesterday. I stayed in town and went to the footy with Cam, Broadie and Barney last night where the Dockers were sensational in thumping the Crows. If they'd kicked one more point, or conceded one less they'd have been on top of the ladder by percentage after round one!
Of course, the Cats had a great win on Friday night, coming from 4 goals down to blitz the Bombers with a 9 goal streak. Go Cats!

I've found a venue to run a follow up art exhibition over Easter, a very busy time in Busso. I've got to paint a couple of rooms and get some things tidied up for it to open on Friday so the next few days will be busy. We also looked at a shop that is about to be vacant in Queen St with a view to opening a gallery/shop. Not sure whether to go for it or not but it's very tempting. The location is excellent and it's over twice as big as the shop I had in Kent St. If we could find a couple of partners who'd like to go into a joint venture it could be viable.


The HoJo's said...

Congratulations on your 24th!

Where is the Easter exhibition going to be?


Peter said...

Happy anniversary.
Sorry to hear you are not quite up to scratch Carolyn.

Cazza said...

Of course we missed you not posting . . . part of my morning routine when I get work.