Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Maybe Definitely Update

Mother Mary's funeral will be on Thursday morning in Geelong. I can't go but Sophie is going over for it and flies to Melbourne tomorrow night. I'd really like to be there but cost, work and other commitments make it impossible.

Back on the homefront, the Art Exhibition opened on Thursday night with about 40 people in attendance. Sophie did a brilliant job with the catering and evrything went smoothly except for my emotions getting the better of me and shedding a few unexpected tears.
I sold 8 pieces on Opening night although to put that into perspective, one person bought 7 of them! Since then I have sold another 4. There has been a fairly steady stream of people through the gallery and the comments and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive. I have a hunch 1-2 people will be back to make purchases.
I am rapt with how the gallery looks and the tone and feel of it. I'll post some pictures in a day or two.
We've been staying open late each night which is in complete contrast to the normal way businesses operate in Busselton. For a tourism oriented town it is not very tourist friendly, by 2.00pm Saturday it becomes a ghost town, with just a small smattering of pubs and cafes staying open over the weekend. 
The location of the gallery is excellent, with a popular cafe on one side and a cool florist on the other and an iconic surf shop on the corner.
I love being there and working on making it an inviting and friendly place. I have it until the 15th of March but I would love to extend the lease and keep it as a business full time. At this point the costs are too high to do that but we are talking and dreaming about ways to make it viable and successful; we being Alex and I and the kids. Al came down for the opening and is staying for a week to give me a hand and do some work around the house and garden. The place is being cleansed and transformed!
It was a long weekend Labour Day holiday today but it's back to work/school tomorrow.
Sport Boy is not well tonight with stomach cramps etc, hopefully he'll be well enough to go to school in the morning.

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