Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogger Problems

A few people have been having problems trying to read my blog recently. They are getting redirected to advertising sites against their will. Not sure why it's happening but I've deleted the YouTube clip I posted the other day to see if that makes any difference.
The problem has to be with Blogger I think but I don't really know. I will report it to them if it persists.
Sorry if you're having problems reading your favourite blog, or this one.

Mrs Holt Press and Favourite Daughter arrived home safely last night though by the time we got home it was 5.00am by their body clocks and they'd been up for 24 hours. That wouldn't have been too bad if they hadn't woken up 4 hours later!
Hopefully they'll get a better night's sleep tonight.

I sold two more paintings at the gallery today, woohoo, that makes 19 in total.

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