Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mrs Holt Press and Favourite Daughter Return (in 20 minutes!)

I'm at the airport awaiting the arrival of my wife and daughter returning home from Victoria. Mrs Holt Press has been away nearly a month and is hanging out to get home. Losing her Mum has been sad and emotional and things have been a little difficult since Mother Mary's funeral. Her Dad at 91, nearly blind and deaf  and with Favourite Daughter being there too it has become a bit cramped. It was Mrs HP's birthday yesterday which added a little to the intensity and emotion of the situation I guess, it being a significant milestone birthday this time round.

I came up on the bus this evening and will drive them home to Busselton tonight when The Heir brings my car to the airport. (FD drove it up last week when she went over for the funeral).

Sport Boy hasn't been well the last couple of days, hopefully his Mum's return will be a tonic for him.

Spike has been helping man the gallery while I've been on school bus duty and getting a few more shifts at the bakery.

The art exhibition has been going really well. Lots of people coming in. Lots of positive comments and affirmation. And over the weekend especially, lots of sales. I've sold 17 pictures so far with just under a week to go. Hopefully this weekend will be successful so it finishes strongly. I'm planning a closing night soiree to finish with a flourish, and use up the left over wine and champagne from the opening!
There's still time to come and have a look if you haven't done so yet.

Which reminds me, Aileen, I can't find your address or phone number but I'd love you to come and see the exhibition. Give me a call or leave a message if you can make it one day this week or on the weekend. "Come on Aileen"!

The plane is due to land in about 7 minutes so I'd better head down to the arrivals gate. They're not expecting me, hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise!


Mrs Hojo said...

Welcome home Mrs HP, and a Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy the Peace Lily


ps glad so many pictures have sold

pps WV: polaroi !!!

Zaac said...

why is your blog redirecting to random advertisement websites?

Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed your exhibition Marcus,I have just this minute got your message,like everyone else I was having trouble accessing your blog.Also I tried to leave a message when you lost your dear Mum Carolyn and it didnt work.I was so sorry.Love Aileen