Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog Problems Appear to be Fixed

Blog Problem:
Fingers crossed but it looks as if the redirecting/pop-up problem here at Holt Press has been fixed.
Following a suggestion on a blogger help forum I removed a number of gadgets I had added to the sidebar in the last couple of months; gadgets taken from Blogger's Layout menu I hasten to add!
So far so good.

Catching our Breath:
I know the modern mantra is that "Life is busy" but after the full on intensity of running the art exhibition (open till 8 every night), minding the family while Mrs Holt Press was away and the emotion of her Mum dying, driving buses and taxis, doing a major clean-up of the carport and patio and redistribution of belongings into the two sheds (having finally laid a floor of concrete slabs!), running the school beach carnival and celebrating my wife's 50th birthday, things have actually quietened down a little!

In fact Mrs HP and I even found time to go to the pictures today to see "The Blind Side", a sentimental and heart-warming true story for which sandra Bullock won the best actress Oscar. We both enjoyed it.
Pic from Mrs HP's birthday BBQ at one of her favourite places, Meelup Beach on Sunday afternoon. It was a low key relaxing affair in a truly beautiful place with a small group of close friends and family, very pleasant.

I'll be doing a bit more bus driving, with the possibility of some charter work next week, and probably running a leadership camp for the student council and house captains at the high school. I'm moving into more of a part-time driving/ "work for myself" mode with a few projects to organise for the school over the next couple of months. I'm enjoying the freedom and the variety, and hoping that the work will be steady enough to keep the money coming in to pay the mortgage and the bills. 

Some action from the School Beach Carnival on Friday, also held at Meelup.

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Peter said...

Welcome back to the readable world, hope your birthday was as good as last year??? at Margaret River Carolyn.