Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Art

I've got one day left to get my Easter Art Exhibition ready! Wish me luck!
I've got the use of this building in exchange for painting three rooms inside. So far I've got half of one room done!! I suspect it will be a long night!
I'm picking up some display stands from the local Catholic college shortly which should make hanging a little easier.
It used to be a vet hospital so as an art space it's a little unusual but there are lots of rooms, good parking and access and it's situated on the main road so I hope my signs will attract some of the passing holiday crowd in town for Easter.

Favourite Daughter and Spike have returned from Perth and Sport Boy is back from his camp so the house is full again. School holidays start tomorrow which means no school bus run for two weeks (no pay either!) but I am doing a couple of days of town shifts during the break. Let's hope I sell some art!!!

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Peter said...

Good to talk to you Marcus, hope you got the painting finished in time and that the exhibition goes well.