Thursday, April 08, 2010

Post Easter Wrap Up

The Easter Art exhibition experiment was a flop. Wrong place, no people. Despite the fact there were thousands of tourists in town for the weekend, none of them came to see my art, it was too far away from the action and the pedestrian traffic areas of town. Oh well, it was an attempt worth trying and something I've learnt a few clear lessons from. The main one being that old real estate adage, "Location, location, location!" On the positive side, of the 20 odd people who did come in, one of them bought one small painting. Sadly the price paid will only cover half of the cost of hiring the display stands from the local school!
There was another lady who expressed interest in a picture but tried to beat my price down by a hundred dollars then asked if she could lay-by it! Not sure if we'll end up doing a deal or not!

It's school holidays which means no school bus driving which means no income! I've got a couple of days of town service driving which will bring in a little bit and a couple of jobs to do for the school in the first week of term.

I have put in a submission for some funding for the Behind the White Crosses project, I'm not confident about it  but I'm hopeful that if not through this source then through some other funding body I may be able to get some money in order to run the program this year. I'll find out the result on the 28th. Fingers crossed.

Mrs Holt Press is in Perth tonight, having gone on a "rescue mission" to get Favourite Daughter home. FD injured her foot a few days ago and is having trouble driving. Toni drove the Kombi to Perth but FD can't drive it back so Mrs HP has gone up to drive it for her. There were further dramas this afternoon that required several phone calls and some problem solving skills on my part to sort out. I think everything is OK now. They'll be home tomorrow, after a visit to the myopractor in Bunbury enroute, hopefully he'll help get FD's foot working properly again.

Sport Boy is staying at Ben A's tonight, no doubt having a wonderful time and going to bed very late!
He is going on a special soccer camp next week,"Country Camp" designed for talented soccer players from around the state. He's understandably excited about it. The soccer season starts in a couple of weeks which means I'll be pulling out the coaches clipboard again and trying to instil some skills and strategies into the Cornerstone Giants in the U13 comp.

Spike and I have something in common: we've both got parts in an upcoming play being staged in Busselton. I showed him the ad for auditions in the local paper a couple of weeks ago and he went along, scoring the part of a teenage boy with punk tendencies (typecasting!). A follow up ad said they were still looking for a couple of males to fill remaining roles so with Spike's approval I went along to rehearsals and will be playing the part of a police sargeant! It's an English comedy set in a hospital. Hopefully it will be fun for us and the audience.

Geelong had another good, come from behind victory on the weekend to beat Hawthorn by 9 points. We're all going to the footy in Perth on Sunday to see the Cats play the Dockers who are undefeated, to everyon'e surprise, and playing very well. With Scarlett and Mooney out and the game being played at Subiaco I won't be surprised if Freo win! Not that I'm writing off the Cats and nor will I be surprised if we win, but it will be a tough challenge. Geelong barely got up last season when Matthew Pavlich had a shot at the end of the game that would have won the game for Freo and missed! We may not be so lucky this time round.

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