Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to School

School's back so I'm back too, on the school bus. After two weeks off I needed to reprogram my brain, I almost made two wrong turns today, lucky the kids were on the ball and let me know in time!
Spike and I had rehearsals last night and tonight; the play is starting to take shape. My part is pretty small. Spike has more to say than me and brings a good dose of humour to his part.
Rehearsals finished early enough tonight for me to make it to scrabble club for the last game which turned out to be a cliff hanger against Sue which I finally won by 7 points.
Tomorrow I'm running a leadership training camp for the student councillors and house captains down at Venison Farm in Margaret River. It's the sort of camp I ran many times as a chaplain but this time I'm doing it on contract and working for myself. I'll be away for the night. Hopefully the kids on the bus will behave for my fill-in.
I ran a team-building workshop for the admin and office staff at the school yesterday which went pretty well. My first forays into contract work have been enjoyable and successful, all I need to do now is build up a bigger client base and establish a reputation for providing good services to my customers.

The only negative at the moment is that I hurt my back a few days ago, I'm not sure how. It really hampered my movement and it is still sore though a lot better than it was. It will prevent me from playing volleyball in the opening game of the season on Thursday night though.

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