Friday, January 29, 2010

Changing Rooms

It has been a strange week, for reasons that I won't go into but it seems as if things are settling down again.

We did a major rearrangement in the three kid's (still living at home) bedrooms this afternoon which has improved the space in all of them and the cleanliness of one in particular. I won't mention any names but think 18 year old male and you'll be on the right track. Moving furniture enabled significant vacuum work to be done and a good thing too.

Favourite Daughter has decorated her walls with numerous maps  of Australia which will serve as an inspiration and a pre-education for her trip around the country in the Kombi. Departure is scheduled for some time soon after her 21st birthday (Mar 24) although the Kombi took a bit of a battering the other day as she and Spike were returning home from Perth: The side door fell off! To compound the problem, they couldn't put it back on because the bottom bracket had actually snapped and they then had to drive past a police car. Not surprisingly the cops pulled her over and although they were very friendly and helpful they still had to give her a yellow sticker. So now she has to find someone to fix the door. There are no VW mechanics in these parts so we may need to check some wreckers and get what we need from Perth. The joys of owning an old car!

I've been drawing while watching the tennis tonight and am glad Andy Murray has made the final of the Aust Open, I'd like to see him win it especially as no Brit has won a Grand Slam since 1936!!
There is a very entertaining exhibition doubles match on now between Pat Rafter/Henri Leconte and Pat Cash/Wayne Arthurs, they are hamming it up mercilessly and the crowd are loving it. I'm recording it for Sport Boy to watch tomorrow, he'll love it too.

Mrs Holt Press' Mum, Granny Jones has been quite unwell the last week or so and has had a couple of nights in the hospital which is of great concern. Her Dad is almost blind and deaf now so it's pretty stressful for him too. Mrs HP will go over and see them some time in the next week or so once the results of the latest tests are known. She's also going to go and visit her brother Ray who has opened a cafe/store on Bruny Island in southern Tasmania while she's on that side of the country.

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