Friday, January 22, 2010

Employment Update

My employment situation has changed again; I have been offered a full time job with the local bus company, based in Busselton. I have been training as a driver with them this week but the position of depot supervisor has opened up and they have invited me to fill it. In fact the position will combine some driving with the supervisor role. I'm meeting the departing supervisor tomorrow to discuss the position and hand-over details and will probably commence work on Monday. The job I thought I was going to get originally was also as a supervisor but based in Bunbury so this is a lot more convenient. It's quite a departure from chaplaincy but the company believe my skills and experience will be transferable and applicable to the job, I hope they're right.

Petticoat Lane went quite well last night, lots of positive comments about my art and I actually sold a set of 4 small paintings I had just done this week and a few cards and badges too. There was a small profit after the cost of the stall was subtracted.

After many requests I finally had a game of squash with Sport Boy this evening. Although I beat him I was impressed with his game, there's no doubt that with practise he'll be a decent squash player.

I went and saw Avatar tonight, the 2D version. It's a pretty impressive film, the animation and effects are stunning. I might even go and see the 3D version to get the full effect.

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