Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Catch-Up Pictures

Camping has changed a little! The front room of our tent became the newspaper office as well as the print room for other team members needing stuff printed.

The prototypre "Fun Bin" for the business venture I wrote about before Christmas. It's just a shame that I printed up a whole stack of flyers before changing internet providers and getting a new email address. funbins@dodo.com.au is the new email if you'd like your bin transformed!

Parkes NSW held their annual Elvis Festival a couple of weeks ago but at Arthur River the dunnies are designated in his honour.

Sport Boy washing dishes at Beach Mission, an event that needs to be recopgnised for its rarity.

Fran and KerriAnne welcoming the team to dinner on Curry Night.

Letchy and Hotchy providing the commentary at the beach cricket game which kept the crowd entertained.

A recent drawing: "City Plan".

Chris, easily hiding behind my considerable bulk! We stayed at Chris' place while we were in Esperance, though sadly she was away in Melbourne at the time. We caught up when she came and stayed for a night at our place on her way home, it was great to see her. We've got a date booked for the footy in June, West Coast v Geelong at Subiaco. Bring on the footy season!
Bronny and Stu, the space travelling dinosaurs who starred in the riverside dramas each morning at Augusta. The fantastic space ship set was built by Birchy out of scrounged materials.

The Birches and the Edwards' at the bakery, traditional departure point on the last day of Beach Mission. The team meet there after all the packing up is finished and enjoy a few treats before saying our goodbyes. The Birches are off on a round Australia caravanning trip in a couple of weeks time and Birchy showed me through the van, complete with a few of his modifications. The trip sounds great, they're heading for Tassie first.


Peter said...

Close, but no cigar with the header, keep trying.
Happy birthday Paul, keep washing those dishes.

Marcus said...

Sorry Pop but I tried everything I could find and nothing separated the text from the picture! I'll need someone of your expertise to assist me!