Saturday, January 16, 2010

Picture Catch-Up

Smiling Mrs Holt Press at the beach in Esperance.

Thanks to my DIY techno-wiz dad I've got a quick and easy way to resize and post pictures on the blog, thanks Pop. BTW did you see Zac's response to your comment? very funny.

Bendy Figures. I experimented with a new style of drawing the other day and am quite pleased with the results. I've coloured and framed a couple which makes them look even better (IMO).
Grand prize winners of the Augusta Sand Castle competition with a beach buggy Beetle, they even brought a little surfboard to adorn and complete it.

One opf the many beautiful beaches around Esperance.
This shouldn't be on it's side, not sure why it is but either way, BB the Accountant is clearly happy with his Christmas present.


Peter said...

Yes, very good comment, when you resize if you choose somewhere close to 800x600 they will still post quite quickly and can be enbiggened to a more viewable size

Peter said...

Now resize your header photo and take out those bloody dots, if you go through your template there should be a way to swap the text to the RHS.