Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Work Developments

There has been some progress on the employment front. I didn't get the job I thought I was going to but the company, Veolia Transport/SW Coachlines, contacted me to say that they are keen to get me into the company! Initially I'll be working as a bus driver but with strong prospects of another position opening up.

So on that basis I did my first training day today, to familiarise me with the buses and some of the routes I may drive. I drove the last run of the day, from Dunsborough back to Busso and managed not to hit anything or anyone! The regular work will be on a school bus run when school goes back in a couple of weeks.

One good thing about that is it will leave me time free during the day to work on the contract jobs with the school, initially organising the Beach Carnival in late February and other events such as Country Week in term two.

At the same time I want to formalise the Behind the White Crosses program and see about getting it accepted as a regular event on the school calendar for all the local high schools. There are two public and three private high schools in town. I'm more motivated than ever following the horrific crash in Melbourne on the weekend that killed five young men!
The Sunday Times newspaper called me a few days ago to ask about BTWC and are sending a photographer down tomorrow to take my picture for inclusion in a story this weekend. There has been consistent support and goodwill for the program. The next step is to get it formalised and present it to the schools. One of the staff at Busso encouraged me to get it recognised as a a curricular option so that students would receive credits for participating. I'm not sure how to go about that but it makes sense and ought to make a stronger case for it when schools are considering their options.

Tomorrow night is Petticoat Lane, the annual street market in Busselton and I'll be running a stall and hoping to sell some of my paintings and drawings. I've been busy framing several of the the last couple of days. I have another taining shift in the buses tomorrow as well so it will be a busy day.


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Cam said...

Perhaps you and Letchy could start your own bus company - I can picture a fleet of huge colourful buses decorated by you with slogans written by Letchy in capital letters all over them.

What's your home email address if I don't want a fun bin?

Marcus said...

G'day Cam
Thanks for sharing your vision with me! but why wouldn't you want a fun bin?