Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gone in 60 Minutes

While I was in Bunbury I went to Hungry Jacks for lunch. As I pulled up in the car park I noticed a group of four young people trying to open their car with a piece of wire and some packing tape. Sure enough they'd locked their keys inside and had been trying to get the car open for an hour. In fact they were on the verge of breaking a window to get in. I offered to have a go and as luck would have it after a couple of minutes I managed to get it open. They were very happy and grateful and then one of the girls said, "Did you used to be our school chaplain?"
Oh oh, sprung again, displaying minor criminal abilities! Turns out they were from Carine and had been down to Busso for Southbound. It was nice to see them and to be able to give them a helping hand, which after all is one of the main objectives of a school chaplain.

I wish someone could give me a hand. I've got lots of photos from our time at Esperance and Augusta taken on my new camera and I'd like to post a few on the blog but they are too big (4-5mb) each and for some reason I can't get my photo editing program, Gimp, to open in order to scale them to a more acceptable size. It looks like it's going to start up and then just disappears without trace or warning. I've even tried deleting and reinstalling the program, with no improvement. So until I find a solution the blog shall remain photo-less.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the job and not enjoying the uncertainty.

Mrs Holt Press' mum is in hospital at the moment, having had high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate. It seems like the Dr. has got it under control with medication and she may be able to go home tomorrow but I think Mrs Holt Press will be heading over to Geelong soon for a visit and to give her Mum and Dad a hand. They are both quite old and their health has declined over the last couple of years so we are concerned about them.


Anonymous said...

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Peter said...

Well I was going to offer help with your photos... but I got sidetracked with the enhancement offer.
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Zaac said...

grampa he's trying to REDUCE the photos, not ENHANCE them.

Marcus said...

I don't say this very often but LOL!!