Monday, February 01, 2010

Bottle Tree

Roger Federer won the Aussie Open and his 16th Grand Slam title at Rod Laver Arena tonight, that's Rocket Rod Laver's bust outside Melbourne Park. Rocket won the Grand Slam twice, all four major tournaments in the one year, and that remains the only mountain for Federer to climb now. He is already the greatest tennis player of all time and some were even arguing tonight that he is the greatest athlete in the world. Hard to argue against I guess.

A few catch-up pics of Spike and Sport Boy's bedrooms after the rearrangement. Spike's mates have more room to play X-Box now!! Sport Boy has little choice but to barrack for the Cats seeing as I've hung my excess Geelong pictures in his room, although I did buy him a Dockers jumper for $5 at a garage sale this arvo!

He helped me with my first outdoor art installation, "Bottle Tree" last weekend and this arvo I took Favourite Daughter and Mrs Holt Press out to see it. It's on Carbunup South Rd if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. The photo doesn't do it justice, there are 35 coloured bottles suspended from the tree and when the sun catches them and the breeze blows them it looks pretty cool!
FD and I are thinking about other items we can hang in trees to create our own art trail around Busselton.

A few more recent drawings. I just finished a big one today which I've been working on for a few days, and also did a lot of work on a new mixed media painting I've been planning for ages which utilises 95 of the watches I've been collecting for months.


School starts for Sport Boy and all the local schools tomorrow which means a big day for me making sure all our school buses get out on time. After two nights in the taxi over the weekend the early starts are a challenge so once things get back to "normal" I'll probably quit the cab driving, we just need to get some money back in the bank first.

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