Tuesday, February 09, 2010


This is Richard, who I first met when he came to our garage sale in Dec. He asked if I had any old watches and as it happened, I did. He repairs old mechanical watches and I had a few that were good for him. In return he gave me some quartz and battery watches which I use in my art. He dropped round again a couple of weeks ago with a few more he had found and was pleased to find that I also had found a few for him while we were in Esperance at Christmas. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you hit it off and like them immediately? That's what Richard is like, a really nice bloke, and so is his wife Anne. They were pleased to hear that I'd found a job (the topic had come up at the garage sale) and Anne surprised me by saying she had been praying I'd get a job! I felt blessed and grateful. It's one thing having people who know you pray for you, but to have a virtual stranger say she'd been praying for me was quite special.
I hope we'll get to know them a little better, they suggested we catch up for coffee next time. I look forward to it.

Anyone who knows me knows I love scrounging around for things, whether it's garage sales or swap meets, after football games and sporting events, bulk rubbish collection suburbs or even in dumpster bins. I'm not proud! I've found lots of interesting things in all of those places. One such item was this box of unopened cricket cards with over 60 packs in it, retrieved from a bin behind a newsagents a few months back. While it's still cricket season I decided to put them on ebay and am happy to report that with 20 hours left to go until the auction ends the high bid has reached $26!

Meanwhile, back when we were in Esperance I was amused by the combination of signs on this mobile breast x-ray unit on the back of a truck. Sorry it's on its side, it shouldn't be!

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You had better email me the key to your site ( I presume its changed) and I'll see if I can sort it out, its starting to bug me.