Thursday, February 04, 2010

How's my new job going?

I feel like I've jumped in the deep end of a fast flowing river and am working hard to stay afloat and keep my head above water.
Morning and afternoon school bus runs sandwich coming to grips with all that's involved in supervising the depot.
Today that meant getting the kids on the Number 9 bus to school on a bus that wouldn't start then wouldn't run and then didn't go where it was supposed to, the last thing being the result of driver error! Next came running a driver's meeting at 9.30, then attending an operations meeting in Bunbury at 11.30 and some induction time after that with one of the Bunbury supervisors before racing back to Busso for the afternoon school run and a town service run to Geographe.
The job seems to involve a lot of problem solving, responding to issues, questions, complaints, concerns, policy implementation, breakdowns, repairs and maintenance, while keeping a large team of drivers happy and employed and ensuring that the mechanics are onto all the work needed to keep the 25 buses on the road! Adjusting to early starts and long days is also a significant change for a chronic night-owl such as myself.

All in all it is challenging!

Hopefully I'll get the hang of it all soon. 

Tomorrow morning's major task is getting the next fortnight's rosters done, a complex arrangement of Drivers, Vehicles, Services and Times.

Not much time for anything else at present.

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