Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Rules on the Bus

Mother Mary has been moved to a palliative care regime, not sure if the location is different but the treatment will now be about pain relief and comfort as she draws closer to the end.
It's been pretty stressful and emotional for Carolyn and the family and especially Alan. He and Mary have been married for over 60 years so I can only imagine his depth of sadness at the thought of losing his life partner.
Carolyn only got an hour's sleep last night due to Mary's frequent waking and discomfort so tonight she is sleeping at home and keeping her Dad company while Trevor takes the night shift at the hospital.
Sport Boy was pretty sad when I told him the latest news.

We have all been very busy preparing for the art exhibition, the kids have been a great help. It's about 80% ready with two days to go and no doubt a bunch of last minute things I'll think of to do. It has cost a bit in equipment and materials to set it up so I hope there are some sales to offset expenses!

I had some issues with kids swearing on the bus yesterday so I decided to take a pro-active approach to the problem and adapted the words to that old classic song, "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round"
Here's the result:
The rules on the bus
Are "Do what's right"
Don't swear or fight"
"Just sit tight"
The rules on the bus
Are fair and right
All the way home

The rules on the bus
Make really good sense
So don't be dense
Or make me tense
The rules on the bus
Are a safety fence
All the way home

The rules on the bus
Are pretty straight forward
And shouldn't be ignored
Or make you bored
The rules on the bus
Will take it forward
All the way home

The rules on the bus
Aren't strict or wrong
They're fair and strong
So just go along
With the rules on the bus
Written in this song
All the way home

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