Saturday, February 20, 2010



After talking about it for a long time, I'm finally holding my first solo art exhibition.

It will open on Thursday 25 February and run until March 15.

The venue is 4/65 Queen St Busselton (although it fronts onto Kent St), in between More Cafe and Essence Florists.

The exhibition will run for just over two weeks and will be open until 8.00 each night.

I've called it "Maybe...Definitely"*
Click the link to see a selection of paintings and drawings on my art blog, "Marcus' Art".
There will be an eclectic mix of drawings, acrylics and mixed media pieces. Hopefully something for everyone!

The "official" opening will be on Thursday 25 Feb at 6pm. You're all invited to come along, there'll be wine and nibblies and cool drinks and stories, and hopefully people! The icing on the cake would be people who want to buy some of my art!!
A local businessman has generously given me short term use of an empty shop in an excellent location and it is a perfect space for an exhibition. I've spent the last couple of days preparing for the exhibition and have plenty still to do! I've put up picture rails all around the walls and once I've painted them I'll be able to start hanging.

I'm feeling very excited about it and looking forward to seeing people's response to my work. And whether interest/appreciation will translate into purchases! 

One of the reasons I've been able to devote so much time to it is that after two tumultuous weeks in my job I am no longer working for the bus company (as supervisor) I will continue the school bus run morning and afternoon each day which will leave me free to pursue and develop my contracting work and business ideas.
The job was far more complex and pressured than I was told and despite working extremely long hours my efforts were largely un-appreciated. There was minimal support and inadequate resources and even though I was working 60 hour weeks I was only paid 25 hrs a week for the supervisor component. Combined with the extra responsibilities for the Leeuwin Estate concert last weekend I worked an 89 hour week.  I've realised that it wasn't what I really wanted to be doing and that it's time for me to really focus on  the things that are important to me and doing the sort of work that I value and am good at. This includes running programs for the school and developing my own projects such as "Behind the White Crosses" and the "Cool School Race Camp". It also means I can have a go at developing my art as a business. I have a one month agreement on the building for the exhibition but would love to be able to take on a longer lease and have a go at running a combined gallery/gift shop and office base for my other pursuits. I'm not going to over-commit but the thought of having a go at it has got me really excited. The opportunity and location are both ideal, the question is the viability.

Mother Mary's condition hasn't changed much the last couple of days, not better nor worse. She is weak and tired and struggling to manage the most basic of everyday functions, sitting up, walking, eating. On the positive side she is awake and lucid and Carolyn has had some good conversations and times praying with her. Carolyn sleeps at the hospital each night but is finding it pretty hard to see the condition her Mum is in and the struggles she is having. It is a day by day situation. I know it is not easy for her but I am very glad that she is there with her parents.

* Explanation:   Talented? Maybe....Prolific? Definitely
What I may lack in quality is compensated for by quantity!!!!


The HoJo's said...

Can't say I'm surprised about the job, Ian found it a trial when he did it. Thanks for the invite, like the gilt edging and personal delivery ;o) gallery/gift sjops rarely make decent m,oney so if you can tie it in as an office base for other work then likely to work much better for you and the bank balance. Good Fortune to you.

Hope situation in Geelong works out, never easy being apart from your other half.


The HoJo's said...

rolls eyes at lack of spell check before comment publishing...

Anonymous said...

i think it should be called definately.. definately .

Anonymous said...

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Hope the new adventures re job work out for you, and the art expo goes well.

Peter said...

Talented? yeah... but not for everybody,
Prolific? most definitely,
Profitable? probably not?
Worth a try? what have you got to lose?
Will it change your nomadic lifestyle? bloody oath... in a big way.

Good luck.