Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Kevin, Phil, Gary, Joel Peter, Andy, Andrew, Me and Bernard, with Derek at the front.

These are the blokes in my Affinity Group at the Men's Gathering on the weekend. We had a really good time in the group, with a range of personalities and backgrounds, and a significant level of personal sharing and connection.

It was my first day in the office for 5 days and I'm pleased to say I was quite productive today, getting a lot of work done on the photo book for the camp. With any luck I'll be able to take it to the printers tomorrow. Time is going to go very quickly over the next few weeks so I have to keep picking up the pace and then maintain it down the straight. I have a lot invested in the camp, it provides me with one of the most satisfying experiences of my calendar year and is just starting to look like it could be a profitable exercise along-side or post-chaplaincy. I need to do some serious developmental work on a business plan before that could happen but the first signs are encouraging.

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