Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm on the roller coaster again and not enjoying the ride.
The ups are fun but the downs are unpleasant.

I'm leaving for Perth early in the morning for 4 days of work related activity.
Thursday: Camp preparation
Friday: Professional Development, aptly on the topic of mental health.
Fri night to Sunday: The WA Men's Gathering at Araluen.
This will be my first taste of a Men's Gathering event, not sure what to expect but am willing to check it out and see.
Sunday night: Possibly Breakfast Club.

Which means coming home Monday morning, possibly after some more camp preparation.
Blogging ? Dunno.


2Peter said...

You must be busy if you can pre-empt (by four days) that you will be late for breakfast by 12 hours!

The mens gathering sounds interesting.

Joshua said...

Skip and Terry here...your blogs are wonderful to read, and we enjoy seeing the pictures of all family..Jenna is all grown up! Makes us miss you guys all the more.

Love from the U.S.