Monday, November 26, 2007

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Favourite Daughter bought me this hammock chair for my birthday. She and the Heir set it up the other day. Looks comfy doesn't it.

My Sunday consisted of Church, painting, junk mail, cooking a BBQ for tea and going round to Dave's to watch Spurs play West Ham. It finished 1-1 but Tottenham missed a penalty in the last minute that would have won them the game!

On Friday afternoon I conducted the funeral of the young bloke killed in a car crash last weekend. It went pretty well but like all funerals of young people, was underscored by the feeling of tragedy and waste.

This is what I wrote on the order of service:

Garry, Carol, Brad, Josh and Rebecca and all of Jared’s extended family thank you for being here today to remember and celebrate Jared’s life and to join them in saying farewell.
Jared was a happy, easy-going, kind natured young man. Always willing to help out or lend a hand.
Quick witted, with a quirky dry sense of humour.
A quick learner, a good worker, a loyal mate and a much loved son.
There are no words of comfort adequate to console the heart-break his family feel. Theirs is a tragic loss of a young life, barely begun and brimming with potential It is a stark reminder to us all that we are fragile and that our time on earth is neither promised or certain.We should remember this and make certain that we value the time we have. We should prize our relationships with family and friends.
We should not take for granted any opportunity to show care, to do good and to express our love for the people who mean the most to us.
We should recognize that we are only a small part in God’s creation and that we have both freedom and responsibility in the way we live, the things we do and the way we treat other people.
It is no cliché to say life is short and we must make the most of it.No day should be wasted. No chance to love or be loved should be passed over. Our lives are fragile. Do whatever you can then to look after yourself and to take care of those

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