Thursday, November 15, 2007

My New Shed (to be)

This is my new shed! Anyone who has visited the Holt Press Homestead knows that we are desperately in need of a bigger shed. Despite repeated attempts to de-clutter our lives, we are still surrounded by "stuff" and the tiny tin shed in our back yard is woefully inadequate for the purpose of storing this "stuff", thus it accumulates around our back door and throughout the carport and makes life messy. Of course the unexpected arrival of a boat early in the year didn't help, although it has made a suitable place to put "stuff" and considering it hasn't been in the water since we got it, that at least is useful.
This one as you can see is bigger and sturdier, and the truly observant amongst you will have noted that it currently contains a spa and a sauna.
That's the good news.

The bad news is we haven't got it yet, it's in a backyard in Quindalup and in order to make the transition from there to here, it has to be dismantled, and re-erected. (The spa and sauna do not come with it!)

This does present a bit of a challenge for the notoriously under-skilled proprietor of this blog. Under-skilled in things mechanical and manual I should add. There are many things I'm adequately skilled in; kicking a footy, running camps, riding a bike etc, but working with my hands is not one of them.

That's why I'm putting out a call for help in the blog-o-sphere! It's time for all those tool-guys out there to come and strutt their stuff! If you've got a drill and a rivet gun and can tell the difference you're just the sort of man (or woman) I'm looking for!

The dismantling is scheduled for Election Weekend.

The re-erection will hopefully happen in mid January.

The therapy will be on-going.
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