Saturday, November 03, 2007

Excitement at the Busso Show Art Competition

Imagine my surprise and delight to find my name on the certificate for 1st prize in the Art competition, (Acrylic or Oil, Any Subject Category) at the Busso show this evening.

Then imagine my confusion at finding the certificate attached to someone else's painting!

What had happened we all wondered?

Did I win and they put the award on the wrong picture?

Or did someone else win and they put the wrong name on the award?

We found a steward and asked her to clarify what had happened.

Imagine my disappointment to be told they'd made the mistake at my expense and inadvertently put my name instead of the actual winner's name, Esther, on the winning picture!


My first big break into the art world dashed by administrative incompetence!
Oh well! For a couple of minutes there I thought I'd been discovered!
Turns out I was discarded!

I asked them if I could keep the certificate anyway!
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Peter said...

Don't let it push you over the edge..... if it does though, send me the ear.