Friday, November 02, 2007

Scrabble Bonanza

Regular readers will know that I am a big Scrabble fan. As well as playing on the computer I also play in the flesh against a members of the Busselton Scrabble Club who meet once a month.
Allow me to blow my own trumpet for a moment!
Tonight I played Proffessor Maven, the resident computer player, at a rating of 1600, somewhere between expert and champion mode. I have built my rating up to 1630 and have a win percentage of 63 at this level.
But tonight was one out of the box!

I started with a 7 letter word, TOILING, and the 50 point bonus that goes with it to score 70pts
On my 3rd turn I made SPITTLES for 68.
With my 5th turn I made SEEDLING for 72 points and a progress score of 259.
My good run continued with my next turn, making COURTIER for 61, my 4th 50 point bonus of the game!! I was on a roll!

Later turns produced SOFTIE for 45 and HAZY for 62 before going out with YAP and a final total of 549 points, smashing my previous best by 83 points, and thrashing the professor by over 300 points in the process!!
Needless to say I was very pleased with myself and announced to the family they were looking at Scrabble Royalty! Surprisingly, they seemed unimpressed with my magnificent achievement and carried on with what they were doing!
A prophet is not without honour except in his home town!!

I know my readers will appreciate seeing the pictorial evidence of my triumph blow by blow.
And, if you want to come round for a visit, I've saved the game in the computer's memory so that you can relive it with me any time!!

NB. I obviously bruised the proffessor's pride because he proceeded to beat me the next couple of games before I regained the ascendancy!