Friday, November 23, 2007

Terrible News for Sport Boy

One day after celebrating his 10th birthday, Sport Boy's day ended terribly. He came out of the rec centre after his basketball game to find that his new bike had been stolen!!!

He was understandably distraught and heart-broken, not to mention "furious".

We all went out in two cars and spent the next 2 hours scouring the neighbourhood and surrounding areas looking for it but sadly didn't find any sign of it.

We'll check out the local school bike racks tomorrow and report it to the police.
Hopefully with a letterbox drop and letters to the papers someone may be able to tell us where it is.
Sport Boy has offered all of his savings as a reward!


Anonymous said...

Arrrggghhhh reading about this kind of thing makes me so angry!!
Its like people just don't think about how much people work to get things for themselves and their families anymore. They just think "oh i don't have one its not fair, i will take their's" gggrrrr
I really hope you find it Marcus

2Peter said...

Great news about the paintings Marcus.

Happy Birthday Sport Boy! I hope your bike comes back to you soon.

Hmmm... I haven't noticed any comments on here from my Mother lately, she might have forgotten how to do it, but I'm sure she's still an avid reader.

Jeanette said...

Hi Marcus
Happy birthday to sports boy. Hope he gets his bike back. But its possibly in someones shed Xmas is on its way.
Nice to see some of your paintings hanging in the restaurant, and i hope you get plenty of sales from doing so. Take care Jan