Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Country Week

Country Week is off and running for another year and I am in the familiar role of team manager for Busso High School but under different circumstances. No longer a staff member, I am now a contracter. There are subtle differences but essentially the job is the same and the pay scale is better!

To add to the experience, Favourite Daughter has been contracted to cater for the team and provide lunches for 107 people each day. It was a bit of a hectic baptism into the catering business this morning but she managed pretty well and learnt a number of things that will improve her efficiency for tomorrow and the rest of the week. She has "employed" her brother Spike to help her out and he arrived this evening on the bus from Busso. They are now cutting tomatoes and cucumbers and preparing salads for tomorrow's lunches.

The team had a good day with a number of wins in volleyball soccer and football.
We went ten pin bowling at Warwick then onto Hog's Breath Cafe at Joondalup for dinner tonight, a good night.
The kids are tired and in bed now, or at least quiet in their rooms with lights out!

I'm watching Holland bore their way to victory over Slovakia in the World Cup.
Don't get me started on the travesty that was England's disallowed goal against Germany last night! Germany deserved to win and probably would have won anyway but it was the worst decision of the World Cup and that's saying something cause there's been some shockers!!!!!

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