Friday, June 04, 2010

It Runs in the Family, Opening Night

The play opened tonight to a packed house and raucous laughter throughout the show. Despite a few mistakes and missed lines it went very well and both Spike and I enjoyed ourselves. The crowd were certainly into it and their enjoyment was obvious not just from the laughter but the warm applause at the final curtain.
I managed not to fluff any of my lines which was a relief. Spike is one of the comic stars of the play and did a great job. With first night nerves out of the way hopefully we can iron out the glitches and put on a really polished performance over the next three weekends.
Tickets are only $12 from Callows which is pretty good value for a night of live entertainment. Let me know if you're coming. It's on Thurs Fri and Sat nights and there's a Sun matinee this weekend and next.

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