Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It Runs in the Family

Tonight is the final dress rehearsal for the play. Tomorrow night is opening night.
Monday's rehearsal was the best so far so perhaps we'll be ready by the time we open.
I play the role of Sgt Connolly in this Ray Cooney comedy. Spike plays the role of Les, a young man looking for his father, a doctor at St Andrew's hospital.
I'm a bit anxious about it. I've struggled to remember my lines and to get the timing right of my scenes.
There are 12 performances scheduled over the next three weekends, Thurs, Fri & Sat nights and a Sun matinee. If I'd realised how big the commitment was going to be I'd have reconsidered my involvement! 
Anyway, we're nearly there now. Hopefully the effort will be worth it and the audiences will enjoy the show.

The end of the week is going to be busy. After tonight's rehearsal I have to drive down to Augusta ready for tomorrow morning's early bus run. Thurs night the play opens. Friday there's the regular school run and town service driving and the play in the evening.
Saturday I'm doing the full day of Augusta bus runs, the play and a taxi shift! 
Sunday there's a matinee performance.
Thank heavens Monday is a public holiday, I suspect I'll be sleeping all day!

Mrs Holt Press returned to work tonight, delivering pizzas for Eagle Boys. It's been great to have her home and not just because of the domestic workload! We went to the movies yesterday to see an excellent Australian film called "Beneath Hill 60", a WWI drama. 

Cornerstone had a good win on Saturday, 5-2 against GMAS although Sport Boy couldn't play as he'd been sick and away from school for a couple of days.
And of course the Cats had another good win over Melbourne to extend their winning run and set new records in the process.

I am getting around on a scooter at the moment having "swapped" my car for The Heir's scooter on a trial basis. The car is more practical for him to get to work and uni up in Perth and apart from the cold, and no doubt soon wet weather the scooter works well for me down here. I had to go to the Salvos today to buy a pair of gloves though!

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