Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Chance

There are only two performances of "It Runs in the Family" left, tonight and tomorrow night. It's been fun but I won't be sorry when the season ends, it has taken a lot of time and energy. On the plus side, the audiences have been rapturous and uproarious. Last night they laughed so much we had to slow down our lines so they wouldn't miss things! If you're local I do encourage you to come and have a look, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Things are cranking up on the work front with just over a week until Country Week. Finalising numbers, bookings, orders, transport arrangements, T-shirts, hire cars and meals etc. Favourite Daughter is going to provide all the lunches for the team while we're in Perth, that's 107 lunches a day for 5 days. She's a little stressed getting the orders and quantities sorted out but I'm confident she'll do a great job and we'll all be well fed.

I've been training a new driver to do my school bus run while I'm away in Perth. He is getting the hang of it. No-one taught me the run or the process when I first started so he's got a head-start on me.

I've been to the physio this morning for some treatment on my calf which flared up after I started footy umpiring. The physio has recommended I take a week's break and with a bit more treatment should be right to take up the whistle next weekend.

Not sure if you've heard about this but the World Cup has started and Australia got thumped by Germany in their first game. We shouldn't be surprised, Germany are on of the true powers of world soccer, but Aussie expectations were inordinately high before the game. Perhaps a little more realism will help us find our true place in the scheme of things. We could possibly win against Ghana and or Serbia but the chances are more likely that we'll get knocked out in the first stage.
I'd love to see England win the World Cup. If not them Spain. But most of all I just want it to be someone new and different, and definitely not Brazil, Germany or Italy!!
Chances are though it will be one of these three dominant nations who will hold the trophy up at the end!

Anyone know how to fix dodgy car doors? We bought the cheap Commodore on behalf of the Heir on the weekend but the driver's door won't open from the outside and clambering over and around the seat to open it from the back door is a pain in the bum! I'm summoning up the strength to dismantle the door and see if I can fix it! Wish me luck! For an $800 car it's OK. Not fancy but so long as it runs reliably for a year or two it will have done its job. Meanwhile I'm continuing to ride the scooter to work and around town. I can rug up against the cold but the rain is a pain and the wet roads make me a little nervous. I filled it up this morning; it cost me $4.89 so it certainly has its upside!

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