Friday, February 22, 2008


Mrs Holt Press has been in bed all day with a bad headache, something she suffers from, from time to time. It's pretty frustrating for her as nothing seems to help and her only option is to try and sleep it off. At their worst they can last for three days.
Her incapacitation meant I took the parental taxi duties this afternoon, transporting Sport Boy home from school, on to the Nautical Lady for a birthday party on the water slide, and then to the rec centre for his basketball game. Those who know me well know I hold no great affection for basketball, aka "The Nonsense", but I must say that SB is improving, as are his team and he played very well today in a game they won by 2 points.

I had a score today thanks to the junk mail. I'd spotted some large framed prints on sale at that purveyor of fine goods, Red Dot. I bought 4 of them, all large and quite attractive, for $20 each. I don't want them for the prints you understand, just the frames, which I will use for paintings.
I tend to use box frame canvasses mostly as they don't require framing but getting reasonable quality frames at bargain prices means I can present a few of my paintings with a little more style and class! I worked on another picture tonight, experimenting again with some different techniques and styles.

Hopefully by the morning Mrs HP will be feeling a bit better.

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