Saturday, February 02, 2008

Back to Blogging

Blogger and/or the computer and/or the world wide web have been playing up a little the last day or so but I gave them a stern talking to and in spite of that they all appear to be functioning "normally" again, which means I can blog again. I sometime wonder what would happen if I stopped blogging. Would the earth keep spinning? Would the sun rise and set as per usual?
Would the stock market crash? Would Wayne Carey mend his ways?
Would anyone notice at all?

Not that I'm intending to stop. Whether anyone reads my blog or not, I still enjoy blogging and will keep going if only for my own amusement, but when I'm not able to blog for a couple of days I start to wonder if I could break the habit.

Rest assured dear reader, I'll still be here next time you come back, whenever that may be.

The staff returned to work on Thursday (the kids start again on Monday) and the whole computer network crashed today, not great timing considering all the admin stuff that has to be done at the start of a school year, not to mention the important emails I need to read.
Deprived of my PC I took up the challenge of cleaning my little fridge. I mean little, it's an ex-shop display fridge with Pepsi logos on it, just big enough to hold half a dozen bottles of water and a dozen cans, and my lunch. I bought it about 5-6 years ago and have never cleaned it in all that time. You'll be surprised to learn that there was quite a significant build up of mould. Hot soapy water and elbow grease saw most of it removed although Mrs Holt Press insists that despite it looking clean, there are still countless microscopic mould spores lurking inside and I should get rid of it and buy another one! Surely she jests! Does she think I'm made of money! Besides, it's a very cool little fridge, practically irreplaceable, and with new, clean polystyrene installed and most of the mould removed, it's gotta be good for at least another five years. I think Mrs HP has been watching too much House and CSI!

After work I put some finishing touches on my latest painting then headed into the night to drive the taxi. It was a fairly average night, the typical mix of party and pub goers and drunks, but three trips to Dunsborough and 1 to Bunbury made it reasonably profitable.
One young bloke who was already very drunk asked me if I thought he'd be able to get into the pub dressed the way he was. Not covered in vomit you won't I replied matter-of-factly!
He saw my point and decided to go home instead.


2Peter said...

I'm with you on the fridge Marcus!

Years ago I got a fridge from a friend of a friend for free (for a sharehouse). It'd been sitting in their back yard for a month or so and was covered in grime etc. A good cleanup and I used for the next 5 years then sold it for $50! (there's a longer story to why I'd do such a thing!).

You'll have to ask Mum and Dad about defrosting it with an axe.

Anonymous said...

Never fear Marcus I will always read your blog,especially the bits about the night life in Buss.when you are driving the taxi,seeing we are a bit beyond night life but I still like to know what goes on.I dont think you want to hear any more about Petes old fridge and the axe incident.!!!

jayne said...

hey, good to hear from you! yeah my blogging time has been greatly reduced!!sooooooo much work to do, who ever said being a student was easy?!

did you see or hear the spurs result today....although when you look at it it's a good result, i am absolutely gutted we couldn't hang on until the final whistle!!was a result it would have been if we could have beaten man utd!!!

Ireland only just won their six-nations rubgy match today but at least that was positive :-)

hope you and your family are keeping well.please say hi to them for me.

Peter said...

I don't know about CSI but it is not possible to watch too much House!!!!

Cara said...

Medical Investigation was the best show for that stuff . . i am sure the sale of bleach and cleaning products went up when that was on!!
PS. oh incase you were wondering I am on Mrs HP side bugs and all sorts of living things eewwww