Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beach Volleyball Finals

Tonight was the last night of Beach Volleyball for the season and Busselton turned on a glorious evening for the occasion. Geographe Bay was a picture of serenity, the sting had gone out of the sun and the volleyball was of a high quality. Our team, HKs, played off in the 5 v 6 game and won a close match by just a couple of points. I reffed the Grand Final and it was a great game which the crowd appreciated; almost as much as they appreciated the pizzas and drinks laid on at the end of the game for the trophy presentation and wrap-up.
Sport Boy did a great job as ball-boy all night and got paid a bit extra accordingly so on the way home, he shouted us to some ice cream from Gelato, very nice.

At bed time he asked if I would put him to bed. I said yes, I'd be there in a couple of minutes.
I went in no more than three minutes later and he was sound asleep! Didn't even stir when I kissed him.
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Anonymous said...

Would love to see you over the weekend, I am off to Windy this morning with Mona but will be back Sat.