Monday, February 25, 2008

Scenes from the Carling Cup Final

Cech punches the ball into Woodgate's face, what a great picture!
Berbatov's penalty 1-1
Steed Malbranque played well
The ball rebounded off Woodgate's head and into the net, 2-1 to Spurs!!!!!


jayne said...

wooooohooooooo!!!!!im still so excitable!!!!ive been bouncing around since yesterday!!!

Im the only spurs supporter i know in Leeds and so I ended up going down to the pub on my own to watch it...i was the only girl there and the most animated and excited person!lol!

oh my goodness, i was sooooo stressed but i just knew they could do it when they started the game so well...and woohoo!!!

love it love it love it!!!yay!!!

jayne said...

i also was the only person crying with joy at the end!! :-)

Marcus said...

Ditto to your wooooooohooooooo Jayne
I was so stoked. It was 3 o'clock in the morning when it finished here but I was still dancing around Dave's living room!

What a shame you had to watch it on your "own", never mind, I was with you in spirit.

Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur