Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sal's Painting

When sally and Warren came to stay a few weeks back she liked several of my paintings but one in particular attracted her, the one I gave to Favourite Daughter for her 18th birthday.
As we were coming to Perth for the weekend and staying with S & W I set about trying to re-create a similar painting to bring with me. It went better than I anticipated, I started it last night and finished it this afternoon, either side of my taxi shift. I put it in a frame and revealed it to Sal, who I'm pleased, and relieved* to report, "loves it"and said it is "perfect" for the place she had in mind for it in the family room. It does indeed match the colours and other pictures in the room very well. The photos above are not great, taken as they are with a flash but I photo-shopped them a little bit to try and make them a bit more accurate.

* My relief was not just based on wanting her to like it (Sally is one of my oldest friends, we met 30 years ago) but also because I had told her about a sculpture I'd seen at Art Geo that I thought she'd like and brought some photos up to show her, only for her to say how much she didn't like it and making a very unflattering comparison with what it reminded her of!
Thankfully, as I said, she likes the painting very much.

I came up with Fashion and Sport Boys for the Augusta Team reunion. Favourite Daughter came up with a friend and is joining us tomorrow. Mrs Holt Press is in Northam for the weekend with a friend; they are both doing a course that runs for 10 weekends over the next 18 months.
FD, SB and I are going to the football tomorrow night to see the Dockers play the Eagles in the pre-season comp. While on that subject, Geelong smashed Melbourne in their game today, showing good signs of their form continuing on from last season, although, as I'm the first to assert, the pre-season comp means nothing!
The Heir had to work and is minding the fort at home.

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Sal said...

Thank you for my painting. I love it because it reminds me of tranquil waters shimmering in the sunlight. It is calm and peaceful and meditative. I love it because you put so much care into creating the desired effects and I love that you worried that I would not like it. It is very special to me as are you.