Saturday, January 05, 2013


A girl with four toes got on the bus today. Actually she had eight toes, four on each foot.
I don't normally look at people's feet when they get on the bus although considering how skimpily dressed some of the girls are it would be a safer option. I don't know why I looked at her feet but when I did I realised there was something slightly odd about them and a quick count confirmed she was short one toe on each foot. (She was wearing thongs in case you're wondering if I have suddenly developed X-Ray vision).
Being a master of tact I didn't say anything or ask to take a picture for my blog...You'll have to take my word for it.
I did wonder how much attention or grief her feet have caused her. Obviously not enough to cause her to hide them away. Good for her.


Anonymous said...

Well hello there - it has been a while and you have clearly moved!
We were near Busselton after Christmas and thought of I did a quick Holtpress google and found you and the blog alive and well!
All is well in Ashfield - I am now working full-time at KEMH on a preterm pregnancy research project. Greg is a house husband - the girls are having a fabulous time
love to you all
Demelza, Greg, Meg and Molly

Marcus said...

Great to hear from you Demelza, my last Christmas letter came back unopened so I thought you must have moved. Thanks for contacting me. I'll email with more news.
Take care
Love to Greg and the girls too