Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Interior Decorating

To protect the guilty the identities of those involved in the following post will not be disclosed .
Any resemblance to a certain Holt Press family member is entirely possible.

Let's say a local teenager and his mate were hanging out one day when one of them needed to go to the toilet.
So badly that they made their way to another mate's place for the express purpose of using the dunny.

When they got there there was no-one home but mercifully the door was open.


They went in and the desperate teen found relief.

The other teenager suggested a practical joke while they were there.
"How about we rearrange the furniture a little?"

Typical adolescent humour in action. Not hilarious. A little immature but pretty harmless?

Interior decorating complete the teens moved on to other adventures.

Later that evening the phone rang in a house that may or may not be the residence of a certain blogger.

"Did ______ happen to come around to our place today while we were out?" asked the parent of the mate who wasn't home.

"I don't know. Why do you ask?"

"Whoever it was rearranged some of our furniture and we just want to talk to them about it. I'm sure they meant it as a joke but we're a bit concerned."

"OK, we'll talk to _______ and let you know what we find out".

A bit later: contact was made with the teenager in question who readily admitted to having been involved and thought it was a pretty funny joke.

"OK, well ________________ would like to talk to you about it tomorrow, he doesn't think it's as funny as you do. I'd suggest you explain and apologise and it should all be sorted out".

It seems there was no anger or thought of punishment, just concern...
Fair enough.

Next day: The teenager in question fronts up and apologises. Apparently he got a bit of a lengthy story about teenage high jinks and the need to respect other people's property. Other than that, no harm done. He remains a welcome visitor at said house. A good outcome.

But, there's a funny post-script.

Apparently the family decided they liked the new room arrangement better and have kept it the way the "offenders" left it!!

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