Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday: A Welcome Day Off

After 5 days of very early starts it was a relief to have the weekend off and I enjoyed one of my favourite past-times yesterday: cruising garage sales.

My scores included:  

A jig saw, (the cutting variety) haggled down from $10 to $8

A very good mountain bike, down from $40 to $25

A girl's mountain bike for Mrs HP for $10. (We are planning to do a ride along the Yarra River bike path from Greensborough to the city some time soon)

Two copies of the 2011 AFL Grand Final Footy Record in pristine condition for $2. I will keep one of them for Sport Boy as a memento of one of the best days we have ever spent together.

A cute pair of salt and pepper shakers for 50c

A set of filing shelves for work for $5

An old Richmond jumper for $2

and a Ben Harper CD for $1

At one sale there were a couple of ladies trying to fit two big armchairs into a 4WD so I offered to load them on my trailer and follow them home to drop them off. They were most appreciative, as was I when they let me use the dunny, I had been busting for over an hour!

Before heading home I stopped and loaded the trailer with a stack of old paling fence timber that has been sitting on a vacant lot on the #30 route for several months. What can't be used for woodwork/craft purposes will make excellent kindling for the fire.

Last night I drove the Nightrider Bus, which takes the night-clubbing crew home to Torquay-1.30, Lara-2.30, Ocean Grove-3.30 and Lara again-4.30.
On my way into work at 1am I stopped to pick up a bloke who was walking along the Portarlington Rd. It turned out that his wife had kicked him out of the car and gone home without him, to Bacchus Marsh!!! He had already walked about 10km from Portarlington but after I dropped him off in the city he still had another 50 odd km to get home! He was talking about taking a cab. As a former taxi driver I'd have liked that fare!! Hopefully his wife had cooled off by the time he got home!!

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