Wednesday, August 03, 2011

At Holtie's House

Life is good in Gympie, just hanging out with Pop,talking heaps, watching a few movies,  surfing the net and eating when we're hungry. Today I spent a few hours wandering around town, checking out the op shops and finding a few pills and potions for Pop. He is still experiencing the after effects of an episode of Bell's Palsy from a few months ago and with some help from Mrs Holt Press I tracked down a few herbal and natural treatments which may help in the healing process. I also found a pair of shorts, 5 books and a couple of badges but the main objective was the stuff for Pop.
The weather up here is beautiful, you wouldn't know it is winter. I've spent the last couple of days in shorts and T-shirts.

Tomorrow we're taking a trip over to Tin Can Bay, where Dad used to live, and will have lunch with friends, Ken & Jackie before coming back and having dinner with a different friend, Margaret.

Meanwhile back in Ocean Grove our house guest, Josh, from SU in WA, who was enroute to his home in Britain via Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and LA has had some bad news in the shape of a lung related medical problem which means he can't fly for six weeks. Looks like we've got ourselves a short term boarder! It's probably just as well for Josh that he was at our place at the time and not in a backpackers hostel somewhere in a foreign country away from family or friends.

The Heir has been in England for a wedding for the last 5 weeks but I think he's due home to WA shortly.

Favourite Daughter has started full-time in her new job as a support worker for Scope. It sounds like it will be quite challenging but I'm confident she'll deal with it well.

Sport Boy is celebrating a rare victory for his soccer team, the North Geelong Warriors on Sunday. Despite being 11th (out of 12) on the ladder the Warriors beat the 2nd placed Melbourne Knights 1-0 and according to the unbiased view of Mrs HP, Sport Boy played well.

Last time I spoke to Spike he was planning to spend his last $5 on a packet of sausages and a loaf of bread and hoping that would see him through to pay-day! Ah, memories!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, in Brunei airport for the next 12 hours. Get back to Perth about 3am tomorrow morning. Grampa doing ok?