Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gone to Queensland

I am at Dad's place in Gympie, Queensland having flown up to Brisbane last night.
I've got a rostered week off from work and didn't want to waste it bumming around the house so I invited myslef up to stay with Pop for a few days.
He seemed happy enough with the idea. We stayed the night at Greenie's last night, slept in this morning and had a bit of a look around some old familiar places this afternoon like BP Cavendish Rd and Fork St where Dad and Julie first worked and lived respectively when they moved to Queensland in the early 70's. Then we spent a couple of hours driving up the Bruce Highway to get to Pop's place. It's good to be here, the weather is lovely and the company excellent.

I can't close without mentioning the fantastic afternoon I spent at the footy with Favourite Daughter and Sport Boy watching the Mighty Cats kick the 4th highest score in AFL/VFL history, 37:11-233 to obliterate Melbourne by 186 points, the second biggest winning margin in history. The Cats were AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, BRILLIANT, SUPERB AND PHENOMENAL! It was a privilege to be there and witness such a display of football. Go Cats

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