Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ode to Cadel

The whole country has celebrated the brilliant triumph of Cadel Evans in the Tour de France. I watched as much as I could although the late nights didn't mesh too well with a week of early starts at work. Cadel has a house in Barwon Heads, just across the newly opened bridge from Ocean Grove, a bridge that may in fact be named in his honour if locals have their way. A succession of towns around the country have laid claim to him. He was born at Katherine in the Northern Territory, grew up on an Aboriginal mission, and has lived in various places such as Armidale NSW, Eltham Vic and Switzerland! He spends his Summers at Barwon Heads apparently, and is a neighbour of Ian Cover from the Coodabeen Champions. When questioned about where he comes from as Cadel rightly describes himself as "Australian".

Hopefully there'll be a big public reception to welcome Cadel "home" to Barwon Heads/Geelong/Victoria.

In the meantime, a bloke called Peter Dooley, from Greenwood WA (we used to live there a long time ago) wrote this ode to Australia's newest sporting hero. It was published in today's Addie (The Geelong Advertiser) and I thought it was worth sharing.

If Bradman rode a bicycle
I bet he'd go like hell
But we don't need another Bradman
Cos now we've got Cadel

A heart bigger than Phar Lap
He's dancin' on his toes
He's climbing off the canvas
Just like Lionel Rose

He rode just like a demon
Through high water and hell
The boy from Barwon Heads
The man they call Cadel

He was down for the count
He was nearly on his knees
But he dragged himself and half the field
Up the Pyrenees

They said history was against him
That the gap was just too great
And when his bike broke down beneath him
They began to commiserate

But he jumped back on his bicycle
Took the bit between his teeth
Riding to the rhythm of
The heart that beats beneath

Carrying the hopes of a nation
Against the sands of time
He digs forever deeper
Until the finish line

So let's enjoy the triumph
And raise a glass towards the heavens
And suffer in ya lycra jocks
Cos we've got Cadel Evans

So every kid who has rode a treadly
Grazed a knee or snapped a chain
Every paper round riding warrior
join in this refrain

Cadel's an Aussie legend
And for that we all say ta
Cadel's an Aussie legend
A bloody Malvern Star

 Peter Dooley

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Peter said...

A brilliant Poem!!!

Onya Cadel!