Sunday, August 21, 2011


 Sunrise at Deakin University, yesterday morning.

Last weekend:
Friday night, dinner and footy with Nick and Kerry was great. We ate at Spice Temple on  southbank then went to the Saints v Magpies game at Docklands. Good to see friends from Busso, catch up on the news, have some laughs etc.
Mrs HP took the train home, I stayed the night at a hostel in Spencer St, cheap and ultra basic but very convenient for my Saturday morning bus trip to Adelaide.
Arrived Saturday evening, Vicki picked me up and we went to the Hamptons for dinner.
Sunday went to Paradise (church that is) then to Aami Stadium for the footy, The Crows v the Cats. What was supposed to be a nice relaxing weekend and comfortable win turned out to be far more stressful than planned, a bit of a nail-biter in fact. The Cats won in the end but we were both pretty nervous throughout.

After the game we had two friendly encounters, one with some Crows fans (Pat & Paula, above) the other with some Cats fans (Bob and Jenny). I was admiring the Crows fan's badges and they kindly offered to send me some of their spares which duly turned up in the mail a few days later. Unfortunately there was no return address so I have no way of thanking them, unless they happen to stumble upon this blog. Unlikely admittedly but...
When we returned to the car we bumped into Bob and Jenny who had driven over from Geelong for the game and were staying on in SA for a week, minus their caravan which had been stolen a week earlier, one of four to be brazenly towed away from their owner's homes in Geelong within a few days. We chatted for a while then decided to go and have a coffee together and wait for the traffic to clear. As we were chatting Bob revealed that he had an unusual hobby, International Competitive Ploughing, and that he had in fact "Ploughed for Australia"!! Needless to say we were both amused and fascinated by this revelation. Sadly I didn't get a picture of them but we did swap contact details and will hopefully catch up sometime soon in Geelong.

First thing Monday morning I boarded the Overlander train and headed back to Geelong after a busy but very enjoyable few days.

Darlow and friends, Josh the Reigning Pom and Sport Boy, taken on Kardinia Park after the Cats demolition of the Gold Coast Suns a couple of weeks ago.

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