Saturday, January 08, 2011

Top 10 Talented Web Videos of 2010

I don't post links to other sites very often but occasionally I come across something that is so good I just have to share it with others. You may not choose to look at this link but if you do I promise you will be thoroughly rewarded and pleased you did.
It's from Time Magazine's list of the the top ten talented web videos of last year. There is comedy, drama, tragedy, stunts, tricks, and things that will leave you scratching your head and asking "How did they do that?"
There are 10 links, some short, some long- 8 mins, all are brilliant in their own way. 
Enough of the hard sell.
Go to the link and see for yourself.

PS I loved the Johnny Cash one the best!

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Anonymous said...

Please take the adverts off your blog.Pleeeease Marcus.hope you are enjoying your neww surrounds.