Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Been Wet on this side of the Country

 Overlooking Eastern Beach and the Geelong waterfront: Friday, 7am
 Gumby and Friend at Chapel St Bazaar
 Moorabool St: wet
and  Dry
 The Bay from the bus: wet
 and Dry
Favourite Daughter and I went to check out a few of the Seachange sites at St Leonards the other day.
The Tropical Star, ala Seachange, for sale! We were surprised (disappointed) to find no reference what-so-ever inside the hotel, which was such a focal point of the show, or indeed anywhere else in the town.

Worked all weekend (think of the money Marcus) . Mrs HP and Sport Boy are still away in SW Tassie and come home on Tuesday, (cause for much rejoicing). Fav. Daughter and I are going to try again and go to the tennis (Aussie Open) that day before we pick them up from the airport. Last night we went to the movies in the park in Ocean Grove to see "Up". Good fun.

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Zaac said...

buy it and reopen as the tropical star!