Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fire & Flood

The floods currently devastating Queensland have a few connections for me:
My Dad lives in Gympie.
I used to live in Toowoomba.
And we were stranded in Brisbane during the famous 1974 flood.

The pictures on the news throughout the day have been stunning and the news of deaths and missing people has gotten progressively worse.

The good news personally is that Dad is safe, well beyond the reach of the flood as he lives fairly high up in the town. I have however rung him a couple of times to ask if he's bought a boat yet!

Hopefully rescue teams will find many of the missing people but it seems pretty clear that the death toll is going to get significantly worse and as the rain continues to fall Brisbane is about to be deluged and thousands of homes threatened.

Meanwhile in WA there are bushfires south of Mandurah, on the road to Bunbury and some houses have already been destroyed. The fire appears to be the work of an arsonist! The mind boggles! 
Back in this part of the world, it has been raining solidly for the last couple of days but there is no suggestion of flooding occurring...yet!

Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy are busy being gainfully employed at Ray's cafe on Bruny Island and seem to be enjoying themselves.

I was back at work today and had to put up with a squeaking windscreen wiper for about three hours. It wasn't a worn blade scraping, it was something in the motor mechanism but I couldn't fix it,  despite drenching it with WD40, the universal cure-all for all things automotive!

This morning Favourite Daughter and I drove over to St Lennards to continue our search for Seachange venues and landmarks. We found The Tropical Star and one of the jetties.

Tomorrow she is going to cut my hair in a matter of some urgency!

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