Friday, January 07, 2011

Bruney Island Bound

Mrs Holt Press and Sport Boy have gone to Tasmania for 11 days.
They're visiting her brother Ray . He runs the local store/cafe/restaurant on Bruney Island, off the SW tip of Tassie, making it the most southerly place in Australia.
I really hope they have a good, relaxing and enjoyable time.

Hugh has flown home after four great days with us in Ocean Grove.

Favourite Daughter and I are holding the fort and looking forward to doing a few things together.

I've just finished a run of six days of early starts at work and now have three days off, woohoo! 
(Except that I am doing some overtime tomorrow night on the Nightrider service, taking party-goers home to Ocean Grove, Torquay and Drysdale between 2-5 in the morning!)

I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in in the morning!

The hot weather is back and the air conditioner is a temperamental piece of junk: for no obvious or explicable reason it works for about three minutes once a day! At a time of its choosing! Grrr!
On an unrelated topic: Isn't this the worst ad for a radio station you've ever seen? If you're not convinced, click on the pic to "enbiggen" (thanks Pop) it. Looks worse than the back end of a bus!

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