Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sport Boy Scores a Hat Trick

Is it possible to be too proud of your children?

I guess if that pride leads to bragging or arrogance it may be. 

I'm asking because I'm feeling an immense sense of pride in my youngest child, Sport Boy. He is called Sport Boy because of his great love of sport, and his not insignificant talent at most sports. What's prompting this feeling is a series of pictures taken by a parent at yesterday's soccer game and emailed to me today. Looking at them reminds me how well he played, he scored three goals in a 7-1 win. But it's not just the skills and talent he has that make me proud, it's his attitude. He is a truly lovely kid. He plays with great determination but also with fairness. He never shirks a contest but never tries to hurt anyone. Yesterday he stopped after a clash with an opposition player to check if he was OK. I enjoy watching him play for his talent, I'm proud of him because of his character and conduct.

These photos can't capture what I'm talking about but to me they are a perfect reminder of what I mean.
The team played really well yesterday despite having three players missing and no subs. Jacob also scored a hat trick.  Ben asked if he could switch with Joseph in defence so that Joseph would have a chance to score a goal. To everyone's delight, he did! 
The last game of the season is next week then we play in the knockout cup where, as the name implies, we have to win to stay in. If the team reproduce the sort of form they showed yesterday they'll have every chance.

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Nanna said...

My sentiments exactly, he is one very special boy.