Thursday, August 05, 2010

The BIG News

After significant deliberation, the Holt Press family have made a big decision.

We are leaving Busselton and moving "back" to Victoria. I say "back" because both Mrs HP and I were born and raised there, but we haven't lived there for over 25 years.

The reason we're moving is in order to be closer to Carolyn's Dad Alan who regular readers will know is quite elderly and in failing health. Living on his own is both difficult and lonely. With us living closer Carolyn in particular will be able to help him in lots of ways and be a blessing to him.
We will also be much closer to Carolyn's four brothers and their families.

We are hoping to live in one of the coastal towns near Geelong: Barwon Heads or Ocean Grove being the most favoured destinations.

We are aiming to move in October.

Obviously that leaves us with a LOT to do to get ready.

We need a place to live, a new job for me, a new school for Sport Boy and a whole lot more.

We love living in Busselton and are not discounting the possibility of coming back here at some point but for now our future lies in Victoria.

Favourite Daughter and Sport Boy are coming with us. They are both very excited about the impending move.
The Heir is staying in Perth to complete his uni degree. 
Spike is also planning to stay on in Busselton for the time being.
We anticipate that they will both end up joining us at some stage.

It's a big move but there are some compensations: I'll treat any home-sickness I may feel for WA by forcing myself to go and watch Geelong play football every week! 

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Peter said...

Does that include Geelong's games in WA, SA, and Qld???