Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Headlines

Mrs Holt Press is still away over east. Her Dad is doing OK, the rehab is going slowly but she is enjoying being there and being around her Victorian family.

Sport Boy has been selected in a Regional statewide soccer team to travel to Singapore in October. Standby for news about "Send Sport Boy to Singapore" fund raising events!!
The Cornerstone Giants started their season with a 1-1 draw against a much improved St Joseph's on Saturday; in fact St Joe's really deserved to win and but for the heroics of Ben A in goal they would have. Training is this afternoon; we need to work on a few things before this week's game!

Favourite Daughter is covering for her Mum admirably on the home front and continuing to work on her Kombi, making it a cool home on wheels. She's driving for Eagle Boy's 3-4 nights a week and seems to enjoy it.

Spike and I are fully into rehearsals for the play coming up in June, "It Runs in the Family". He's working part time at the bakery. He had a bad headache which lasted for 3-4 days but seems to have shaken it off now.

I umpired, and survived, my first game of footy on Sunday down at Margaret River. Made a couple of dubious calls (according to the spectators and players!) byt generally enjoyed it. Even managed to drag myself back to training last night and not pull up as sore as the week before! I've got a game in Donnybrook this Sunday.

Work is happening steadily in preparation for Country Week in late June. It will get busier as the event draws closer. Getting all the kids lunch, dinner and T-shirt orders sorted out is the first big task, hopefully by next week. Favourite Daughter is going to do the lunch catering for me, 140 lunches a day, that will keep her busy.

I'm leading the Bus 9 Footy Tipping comp and generally the bus run is going well. Trying to get the kids to tone down their bad language is my main challenge. I'm driving town services tomorrow. Also hoping to swap my Sat taxi shift for a Fri shift because Mum is coming over to stay for the night, and because the Cats are playing the Lions on Sat night. It's been three weeks since their last game on free to air tv so I'd like to see this one!

I received a very welcome surprise gift in the post this week. Incoming packages usually contain badges I've bought on ebay but this one contained a Geelong Cats cap sent to me by Birchy who found it at the MCG after the Carlton game a few weeks ago. Although he rudely suggested it may have been thrown away in disgust after the Cat's very poor showing I still appreciated it and that he was thinking of me! I love roaming the MCG after games seeing what I can find! Footy Records, caps, scarves, umbrellas, cushions, money! I've found them all! Thanks for scavenging in my honour Birchy!

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